Keith Michael  Davis 



                                                                     Curriculum Vitae

Chief Videograher/Editor

Over 150 on-site segments – 6 - 8 min. for "The Morning Show"
Intros, Promos, Commercials, News, Live multi-camera productions - in studio & remote.
34 episodes "Living Waters" 30 min. religious… producer, director, camera, editor.
26 episodes "Tri-State On Patrol"…( Regional "COPS" Show)… 30 min.
                                                          Co-Director, camera, editor.
Moss Mine… Safety Video - 8 min. …Producer, camera, editor, web site
                     Educational Video - 15 min…Producer, camera, editor, web site
Print Media for electronic signage...Graphic design, Photography

Spirit Mountain Productions
2004 -2012
Multimedia content provider
Video Production, Web Sites, Photography, Print
Sales, Promotions & Events
*Flagstaff Community Television

- Previously -

Conifer Production Company
Denver, Colorado
Corporate Video Sales & Production

Channel 25
Albuquerque Community Access Channel
Community Outreach Coordinator
Program Producer

Taos Local Television
General Manager
Taos, New Mexico
Television Production
Local commercial production and programming
Program Producer, Videographer, Sales & Promotions

Regency Rainbow Cruise Ship
Video Diaries
On-board Tour Coordinator

Future Thinking Inc.
National Sales Manager
Video Specialist
Minneapolis, MN
Interactive CD-Rom Production, Sales & Distribution

KMD Creative Services
Free Lance: Graphic Design and Video Production

Florida Tourist Channel
Sales Rep and Videographer
St. Augustine, Fl
Sales and Production of Local Commercials and Local Programming

Video Production Credits:
"Stringer"/ KOB-TV Albuquerque/ Camera
CNN/ Baby White Buffalo/ Camera
"Taos Local News"/ Weekly Local News Program" Producer, Camera, Editor

"Taos Tigers Basketball" (Home games)/ Taos Local television, Producer, Camera, Editor
"In Pursuit"/ Hunting program/ Outdoor Network… Camera, Offline Editor
"Magnolia Outdoors"/ Hunting Fishing program/ Outdoor Network, Associate producer, Camera, Editor
"Deep Sea Fishing"/ Fishing program/ Florida Regional television, Producer, Camera, Editor

"Hero’s 0f The American Rodeo"/ Helical Productions/ Associate Producer, Camera
"Memphis 200"/Silver Fox Productions/ Pre race Camera, Utility
"ESPN"/ Barry Sanders, Colorado Buffalo’s/ Camera
"WASP Women Air Service Pilots"/ Ken Magid Productions/Associate Producer, Camera Editor, -

"Russian Women Pilots of WWII"/ Conifer Productions- Moscow/ Producer, Camera, Editor -
"Where The Buffalo Roam"/Spirit Mountain Productions/ Producer, Camera, Editor

"St. Augustine Weekly News Magazine"/ Channel 17/ Producer, Camera, Editor
" St.Augustine Alligator Farm"/ TV Pilot/ Producer, Camera, Editor
"Entertainment Tonight"/ Christmas in Aspen - Berg - BackFlash/ Field Producer, Camera
":30 & :60 second Commercials"/ Taos Channel 2 , Producer, Camera, Editor
"Clean in A Minute"/ Helical Productions/ Editor
"American Snapshots"/Helical Productions/Editor
"The Big Kahuna & the Aloha Kids"/Monthly Money/ Producer, Camera, Editor
"Child Of God"/ Spirit Mountain Productions/ Producer, Camera, Editor
"Black History – 12 Vignettes"/ Environmental Protection Agency", Producer, Camera, Editor
"Video Professor"/ Infomercial /Technical Director
"Respond Industries"/Training Videos & Monthly Corporate Video Newsletter
"John Deere"/ Demonstration Video for legal department
"Corporate Video"/ Business Video Productions/Field producer, Camera, Editor
(U.S. West, Denver Rescue Mission, APG Gold (& many more)

"Helicopter Safety"/ Papillion Helicopters/ Producer, Camera, Editor
"Professor Rom"/ Early Learning Interactive CD-Rom’s
Camera, Editor, National Sales Manager
"RX7"/ Adventure Ride/ Camera, Editor
"CARGIL Meat Packing" /Interactive Training/ Producer, Camera, Editor
"Denver Museum Of Natural History"/ proposed interactive Kiosk/ Producer, Camera, Editor
"SPECTRUM"/Interactive Kiosk w/Multi-Lingual Audio/Associate Producer, Editor


Music on the Plaza – Taos, NM
Weekly live entertainment with free give-aways, watermelon and activities.
Producer: Responsible for permits, talent, sponsorships, advertising, sales, promotions & Event personnel, payroll, operations and MC.

Barbizon Fashion Shows – Albuquerque, NM
Responsible for lights, sound and video taping

Citra Soda - Branding Promotion -Minneapolis, MN
Field Manager
for new product release at retail stores & events.. 4weeks
Responsible for locations, logistics, personnel, accounting, reporting and client satisfaction

Surge Soda - Branding Promotion - Minneapolis, MN
Field Manager:
New product release at retail stores & events 4 weeks
Responsible for locations, logistics, personnel, accounting, reporting, and client satisfaction

The Big Toss - The Romance Channel - Branding Promotion
6 States –6 Cities -6 Weeks- Live event with radio, TV & newspaper promotion.
100 Participants at each location standing still on a heart - 6 couples on stage throw bouquets
 out into the audience, each bouquet worth a prize… with one bouquet worth $25,000.00…
Field Manager: Responsible for staging, lighting, sound, tents, participant coordinator,
costumes, props, location set ups & tear downs, permits, security, clean up, event personnel and cross country transportation.

Millstone Coffee Promotion
Overlapping; Multi State, Multi-City, Multi Location, Multi Vehicle
Branding Promotion for Millstone Coffee.
Logo wrapped - Fresh Coffee Brewing Trucks - at events and retail stores
with costumed servers roaming the area dispensing free coffee samples, coupons
and promotional items
Management & Field Operations. 4 months
Responsible for: locations, logistics, personnel, vehicles, lodging, permits, signage, supplies,
costumes, accounting, payroll and reporting